And The Hits Just Keep On Comin'

And The Hits Just Keep On Comin'

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Album Review by guest writer Dave Ullrich 

Artist: Andrew Vincent
Album: Rotten Pear
Andrew Vincent - Rotten Pear
My high school experience was probably pretty normal. 
I wasn't the nerdiest kid in the whole school, but I was also 
definitely not the coolest. I ran with a quiet, law-abiding 
group of friends with a slightly intellectual outsider view 
of the world. Andrew Vincent seems like he could have 
been part of my crew.

Rotten Pear has plenty of quiet electric guitar numbers, 
Genesis-era keyboards and slightly intellectual outsider 
lyrics. I get the feeling that Andrew Vincent is a thoughtful 
guy that doesn't always get the good breaks. However, the 
quality of this album shows he really should get some this 
time around. This is my favourite new album of the year. 

My basic recommendation is that you first buy this album 
on Zunior, call up a few of your outsider friends, get 
pizza/beer and then give it a play. It goes well on 
rainy/snowy nights with people you really like. Listen to 
the lyrics and roll with the mood.

- Dave Ullrich

Dave is the drummer for The Inbreds, the main musical force
of Egger, commander in chief of (Canada's largest
independent music download platform) and the head honcho
of the indie zine


Anonymous Anonymous said...

shit man. you got dave ullrich reviewing for your site? i gotta stop by here more often. good stuff.


8:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this kid lived across the road from me in the dirty shaw many years ago. funny thing is he went by the name of eggy. curious. great blog site matt enjoyed the visit. his brothers had cornered the market on paper routes and fun times back then. they were go getters of the greatest ilk. next time you are talking to dave tell em one of the dosegers from 188 wayne says hi.

6:29 PM  
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