And The Hits Just Keep On Comin'

And The Hits Just Keep On Comin'

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Friday, October 15, 2010

The Kings Rock Kingston: 
Sloan Live @ The Alehouse 
(Oct 13, 2010)

Many Sloan-moons ago, during the release of their Between The Bridges
album, a few friends and myself witnessed a blast-battalion of the ages
that was fit for arena-rock gods and masters of the stage. It's a vivid
memory - old Jock Harty Arena, my friend Jeff and I holding up olympic
scoring signs (complete with decimal numbers), and another friend Justin
dressed up as The Flash (don't ask). Halfway through the performance, a
number of jocks began to chant 'MONEY CITY MANIACS!' over and
over again as Chris Murphy sat down to play a few quieter keys-inspired
songs. He looked at the group chanting louder and louder, and leaned into
the mic saying 'Oh - ok. I can play it now sounds a lot better with
the band' and he proceeded to play the main melody of money city on the
keyboard, very slowly and awkwardly, using only one finger at a time. It
was precisely this bantering, comedic yet full-out rock presence that
labelled their shows as legendary.

Sloan has a way of performing that is uncanny and unparalleled. In the
long list of Canadiana rock royalty, it can be said that Chris, Jay, Patrick,
Andrew (and even touring keys player Greg Macdonald) are kings.

Last night, and many moons from that Jock Harty show, the 'kings' fittingly
rocked the town of kings for all it was worth. Kicking off with 'Losing
California', the lads powered through a pretty extensive set that was a
great mix of new and old. Next, launching into 'Penpals', 'The Lines You
Amend', 'Underwhelmed' and 'Worried Now', Sloan sounded as tight
and dynamic as they did in 2001, if not tighter. Keeping their banter
limited, Chris at one point said into the mic 'So...we're not really promoting
anything, right now. We just wanted to tour.' Talk about your modern day
workhorses! The set crescendoed and mellowed with a middle set that
featured the odd but lovable songs of Andrew Scott. Andrew led strong
with 'The Great Wall', 'People Of The Sky' and from the latest Hit & Run
EP 'Where Are You Now?' Blasting out over 20 songs (featuring a rare
encore occurrence that had Chris Murphy playing guitar for 'Deeper Than
Beauty' and Greg Macdonald on drums) and playing for almost 2 hours,
Sloan made it clear that they are not showing signs of slowing down
anytime soon.

In 2011, Sloan is gearing up to release a new album at a concert that will
mark the 20th anniversary of their first live show. After blasting out 4
different flavours from four very different songwriters for 20 years, Sloan
are still leading the charge when it comes to playing live, mastering the
variance of a hearty rock sound, and working their asses off. No matter
what you think of the band, there is no denying their work ethic and
the undeniable body of work that they will leave behind.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy shit! I was at this show. Weird. What a kickass performance it was. Nice work.

7:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's amazing how they still play hard after so many years.the alehouse never has good sound - that;s my only complant.

8:29 AM  

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